A patient had undergone 3 abortions. Considering her advanced age and repeated abortions, the doctor proposed detection of the chromosomal abnormalities of the abortion tissues. The results showed that the abnormality was trisomy 16. Trisomy is caused by chromosome non disjunction during meiosis and common in spontaneous abortion. Trisomy 16 is mostly a de novo chromosomal abnormality with a low risk of recurrence. The causes related to recurrence may include: advanced maternal age; germ cell chimera; genetic or non-genetic factors related to the parental susceptibility to chromosome non disjunction. Trisomy 16 occurs frequently in human chromosomal abnormalities, with miscarriage generally occurring in the first three months of pregnancy in non-chimeric types. According to the public database, the main clinical manifestations are: widened eye spacing, collapsed nose, cleft palate, cleft lip, congenital heart disease and cerebral hypoplasia with variability among individuals. Prenatal tests and diagnosis are recommended for re-birth.